Can’t Make It Up

So my daughter puts on a masterful family show for me. Apparently, Tiana and Thor got married and had Anger (from Inside Out). I’m not sure (and I didn’t want to ask) what Thor and Tiana were doing, but she said it’s what me and mommy do…ummmm…



Rookie Dads

Sometimes the best of intentions ends in an epic FAIL! Rookie dads won’t admit it, but they mess up a lot! I was not immune to those mistakes and am now willing to tell my story. But it ain’t my fault. I’m the youngest sibling and never babysat a day in my life, so I got this right? Yeah…no…This was with our first child and my wife was being super woman taking on every aspect of ‘1st mommyhood’ duties all day. But even super woman gets tired. [Enter Super Rookie Dad] Baby cries, daddy steps up to change the diaper while said super mom naps peacefully. The rest went down ironically almost identically to the video shown below. Enjoy and in the words of Kevin Hart, laugh at my pain. But if you laugh, you have to share your rookie story in the comments section too…

Feeling Myself

So I had been going to the gym pretty consistently sometime last year and got into a really good routine. Then one day it happened. All my hard work paid off and I noticed I was getting all kinds of looks at the gym. Multiple people were staring at my chest. I first noticed a few women looking and then a few men. I’m like wow, working out really pays off. Getting my groove back and everything! Then I go home to admire what everyone else was admiring only to find a my little pony sticker stuck to my shirt that one of my kids put on me before I left the house. Yeah…feeling myself.MLP