This actually worked!

So I am a natural skeptic of everything I encounter. That’s how I learn and explore topics without accepting them on face value. One day I was on YouTube and clicked on this link by accident and this guy was explaining how bug repellent spray will clear your foggy headlights! Yeah…ok. Well, you know what? My car is well older than 10 years so this was worth a shot… My headlights were very foggy but after following the advice from the video below, it clear it right up!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I said my car is well over 10 years old and my advice to you is if you try this, you are doing so at your own risk. I’ve seen other videos that state that you DO NOT want to get the bug spray on your paint and you want to wash off immediately. Bottom line, if you try this, you are on your OWN! LOL! But hey, it worked for me. If you drive a rust bucket like me, maybe you can try it too.


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