Can’t Win

Me: “We are NOT going to the beach today. It’s too darn HOT!”

Bubby-1: “Daddy my fish just died…”

(Other Bubbies and Sweets gather)

(Enter tears and sad background music)

Me: “Kids, put your shoes on…”

Sweets: “Are we going to the BEACH?!”

ME: (resentful nod)

Bubbies and Sweets: “Yaaaaaayyy!”


Too Loud!

Yes, school has been out for a while now and things tend to get pretty loud around these parts. Bubby-1, Bubby-2, Bubby-3, and Sweets  have some days where they make the noise unbearable. Today was one of those days and I borrowed a line from Key and Peele while calmly saying, “You’re hurting………….my ear drums…” Ironically, my kids looked at me like I was crazy and it got very quiet afterwords…