Really? Again?

I don’t get it…bedtime is the same time every night. So why must it be a parade through the swamps of sadness every time I say it’s time to go to bed?


I mean it’s just down right dramatic! AND I GAVE YAL EXTRA TIME!!!



Too Loud!

Yes, school has been out for a while now and things tend to get pretty loud around these parts. Bubby-1, Bubby-2, Bubby-3, and Sweets  have some days where they make the noise unbearable. Today was one of those days and I borrowed a line from Key and Peele while calmly saying, “You’re hurting………….my ear drums…” Ironically, my kids looked at me like I was crazy and it got very quiet afterwords…


This actually worked!

So I am a natural skeptic of everything I encounter. That’s how I learn and explore topics without accepting them on face value. One day I was on YouTube and clicked on this link by accident and this guy was explaining how bug repellent spray will clear your foggy headlights! Yeah…ok. Well, you know what? My car is well older than 10 years so this was worth a shot… My headlights were very foggy but after following the advice from the video below, it clear it right up!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I said my car is well over 10 years old and my advice to you is if you try this, you are doing so at your own risk. I’ve seen other videos that state that you DO NOT want to get the bug spray on your paint and you want to wash off immediately. Bottom line, if you try this, you are on your OWN! LOL! But hey, it worked for me. If you drive a rust bucket like me, maybe you can try it too.

Lego and Let God


Aight, normally my posts are short and silly but this one really hit home. Please read and be encouraged if 2016 has been a rough one for you:

So I bought my kids the Lego Dimension game where the characters you build in real life out of Legos show up in the game on your Xbox or Playstation when you place them on the Lego platform. So of course every character and vehicle have to be put together piece by piece and I’m not the best for doing anything handy let alone some Lego toy pieces.

So I poured out all the pieces on the table with my daughter who was so anxious to have it all put together in like 10 seconds. Fair enough…I was just as intrigued but I wanted to make sure it was done correctly. So we start on page one with a single piece and I’m looking at the pile of pieces wondering how are all these random pieces going to fit together and what is it going to look like? The instructions are easy to follow but it is very tedious. Next thing you know my daughter starts asking, “Daddy, what are you doing?!” And I respond, “Just be patient…” We continue on further, “Daddy, what is it going to look like?” And I respond again, “You’ll see…” (with a smile on my face even though I secretly had no clue…lol). Then finally she lost her patience and said, “Here daddy, let me do it!!!” and proceeded to take the pieces her own way and connect them as she saw fit. So I stopped her and said, “Wait, you just have to trust me…” (pause and big sigh…yup the ah ha moment)

Sometimes life looks much like the Lego pile my daughter and I started out with and we wonder, ‘WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??!?!?! MY LIFE IS A MESS!! EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG!!!!” That is how I have felt this year and yes like my daughter wondered in the world God was doing, how are things going to turn out, and then wanted to take the pieces of my life from him and do it my way since it appeared like He was taking too long or didn’t know what He was doing. The moment I stated to get frustrated with my daughter was when it hit me like God was saying, “Hmmm…any of this look and sound familiar?” uhhhhpppp! #daddytears

Once I felt like she got the hang of what I was doing, I had my daughter build together with me in parallel all the symmetric constructions. Before you know it, we were done! Next thing you know, the little flying craft was on the platform and showed up in the game. My daughter took her character, put it in the craft, and began to fly around shooting everything in site! Oh the joy and excitement she had on her face! Then she turned and looked at me and said, “WE DID IT!!”

Ok, I get it now, God. Be patient and trust You and in due time, I’ll be able to say, “WE DID IT!!!”

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…


Daddy is Invincible…umm yeah…

Fathers and kids often have an unwritten rule to protect yourself at all times. Play fights happen at any time of the day as well as random tackles and body slams. Yet the kids sometimes forget that when daddy is sleep, the game is on pause. (Ok, maybe daddy forgets that kids will still engage when the game is over).

One particular time, I was getting some very good sleep. The kind when you wake up and have no idea where you are. One of my kids decided to surprise body smash me but did it knee first…wait for it…on MY knee. Needless to say, I instantly woke up and just knew my knee was broke. My kid was laughing and was too young to realize that daddy really was hurt. The pain eventually subsided, but it felt very much like the clip below. Protect yourself at all times…yeah…

Feeling Myself

So I had been going to the gym pretty consistently sometime last year and got into a really good routine. Then one day it happened. All my hard work paid off and I noticed I was getting all kinds of looks at the gym. Multiple people were staring at my chest. I first noticed a few women looking and then a few men. I’m like wow, working out really pays off. Getting my groove back and everything! Then I go home to admire what everyone else was admiring only to find a my little pony sticker stuck to my shirt that one of my kids put on me before I left the house. Yeah…feeling myself.MLP