Too Loud!

Yes, school has been out for a while now and things tend to get pretty loud around these parts. Bubby-1, Bubby-2, Bubby-3, and Sweets  have some days where they make the noise unbearable. Today was one of those days and I borrowed a line from Key and Peele while calmly saying, “You’re hurting………….my ear drums…” Ironically, my kids looked at me like I was crazy and it got very quiet afterwords…



Rookie Dads

Sometimes the best of intentions ends in an epic FAIL! Rookie dads won’t admit it, but they mess up a lot! I was not immune to those mistakes and am now willing to tell my story. But it ain’t my fault. I’m the youngest sibling and never babysat a day in my life, so I got this right? Yeah…no…This was with our first child and my wife was being super woman taking on every aspect of ‘1st mommyhood’ duties all day. But even super woman gets tired. [Enter Super Rookie Dad] Baby cries, daddy steps up to change the diaper while said super mom naps peacefully. The rest went down ironically almost identically to the video shown below. Enjoy and in the words of Kevin Hart, laugh at my pain. But if you laugh, you have to share your rookie story in the comments section too…

Looking For Chore Ideas!?!?!?!?!

Whether you grew up with chores or not, chores can be a way to teach responsibility and priority. As a kid, I honestly didn’t like them, but as an adult I’m so glad that my parents had me do them.  Here is why:

  • Chores established a daily regiment and discipline that I needed later in life.
  • Chores made me feel a part of something other than myself.
  • Chores was a reminder that life isn’t just about fun and games.
  • Everything in life has an element of fun, inconvenience, learning, and hard work

Check out this short clip on how to establish chores with your kids by Dr. Michele Borba from GalTime Parenting.