Really? Again?

I don’t get it…bedtime is the same time every night. So why must it be a parade through the swamps of sadness every time I say it’s time to go to bed?


I mean it’s just down right dramatic! AND I GAVE YAL EXTRA TIME!!!



Can’t Win

Me: “We are NOT going to the beach today. It’s too darn HOT!”

Bubby-1: “Daddy my fish just died…”

(Other Bubbies and Sweets gather)

(Enter tears and sad background music)

Me: “Kids, put your shoes on…”

Sweets: “Are we going to the BEACH?!”

ME: (resentful nod)

Bubbies and Sweets: “Yaaaaaayyy!”

Too Loud!

Yes, school has been out for a while now and things tend to get pretty loud around these parts. Bubby-1, Bubby-2, Bubby-3, and Sweets  have some days where they make the noise unbearable. Today was one of those days and I borrowed a line from Key and Peele while calmly saying, “You’re hurting………….my ear drums…” Ironically, my kids looked at me like I was crazy and it got very quiet afterwords…


Daddy is Invincible…umm yeah…

Fathers and kids often have an unwritten rule to protect yourself at all times. Play fights happen at any time of the day as well as random tackles and body slams. Yet the kids sometimes forget that when daddy is sleep, the game is on pause. (Ok, maybe daddy forgets that kids will still engage when the game is over).

One particular time, I was getting some very good sleep. The kind when you wake up and have no idea where you are. One of my kids decided to surprise body smash me but did it knee first…wait for it…on MY knee. Needless to say, I instantly woke up and just knew my knee was broke. My kid was laughing and was too young to realize that daddy really was hurt. The pain eventually subsided, but it felt very much like the clip below. Protect yourself at all times…yeah…