That Moment When…

That moment when you can’t take it anymore as a parent… Ok, I would never do this in front of my kids, but the 30 second clip (wait for it…) below is a small snippet of what I felt like doing after hearing this madness for about an hour (yes, so let this clip soak in and then imagine the time multiplied by 120!). And yeah the kids found a way to filter this repeated insanity out while I slowly was dragged into the depths of mania…”OMG!!! Would someone please turn off that TOY!!!!??? No one else HEARS THAT?!?!?!”


Chomp Chomp!

Guess what came in the mail today from BzzAgent! ZOOMER CHOMPLINGZ!  My kids couldn’t wait to rip the box open and start playing with it right away.


What is Zoomer Chomplingz? I’m glad you asked! This is yet another toy from Zoomer that is loaded with sensors that allow the toy to react to the person playing with it.  This toy in particular is a dinosaur that comes equipped with a bone that can be used to make Zoomer Chomplingz display all kinds of actions and reactions!  In the video below, a brief explanation is shown.

Here’s a snapshot of my son playing with Zoomer Chomplingz and his bone.


Zoomer Chomplingz can be purchased here from Amazon for $39.95.

Christmas in September!

“Daddy! Can I open it?!?!?”


“Sure sweetie, go head!”


“YEAH!!!! I love it!!”


“Look, Daddy! She does tricks!”


This lovable toy arrived as a product promotion through BzzAgent.  Zoomer Kitty comes equipped with tons of fun and a wide variety of lifelike sounds and movements.  Zoomer Kitty has sensors that allow it to be aware of and react to its immediate surroundings.  With multiple tricks to perform, there’s never a dull moment.


Available at a number of retail stores or online, Zoomer Kitty can be purchased for $88.00.

To purchase through Amazon please click here.